If Travel were free

“If travel was free you would probably never see me again.” This or some other romantic quote drifts across your Facebook or some other local media site everyday. Then you go back to work, because we have to. Fuck “have to” we don’t “have to” do anything. Yes shit happens if you don’t but there are also consequences to not jumping in to the deep end and purchasing those tickets to see the 50 places you should see before you die. When is that die thing going to happen any way is it at 40, 60, or 100 no one knows for sure, so go buy the tickets now.

If I can help start your traveling I will. You need it cheep, I know some tricks. You want it to be interesting, well so do I. Finally if you just need that last push hopefully I can do that.

Hi I am Rick and my wife is Kristin, she is the good looking one in the picture.  In February of 2015 we decided to sell it all and hit the road. My wife was 33, that is the year hobbits come of age and go on walkabout. I was 35 and ending a crazy 7 year cycle in my life.  We both were not doing what we wanted to do and the promise of a bright and amazing future hadn’t found us yet. I mean where the hell is my flying car and why can’t I teleport.

I love change and am born to wander, my mom always said “Rick fell out of my nest landed on my head and then kept walking.” I love to go on adventures with friends, meet new people, and learn things. A new friend Morgan from New Zealand told me that to make it a good day “you should make one new friend, teach someone something, and learn something every day.” This sounds like a pretty good life choice if you ask me.

Bike Trip


I have already done some pretty cool stuff in my life including bicycling a 3000 mile journey in the US, seeing most of the United States National Parks, and hanging out in European Museums for 3 months. Now I want to make travel a permanent way of life.

Over this next year I am going to add many more countries to the list of places I have been. I am going to learn to cook a bunch of new food, try some interesting things, go to some of the worlds most historical sites.  I am going to share those places with you and let you in on any little secrets I learn along the way.

My ongoing quest will not stop there I will keep going. Our trip this year will include New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, and Japan. We will top it all off by hiking the Appalachian Trail. When we are done with that I will be attending The North West School of Wooden Boat Building, where I will learn to build our new home so we can continue our traveling. Only we will be in a boat sailing, how cool is that.  You can come and join us.


I love lists, I eat them up and get obsessive about them. The National Parks List spurred me on to see most all of them, and don’t worry I will see them all I just have a couple of the tough ones to work out. Most recently the List of UNESCO World Heritage sites has been keeping me up at night 1034 and still growing. This will be a hard one to crack in my lifetime but it looks worth it.

If I have one talent it is talking to people, and getting my self in to some amazing situations. Call it a high luck attribute, kismet, or whatever it has taken me a lot of cool places where I have got to learn a bunch of unique and crazy things. Learning to black smith in Nova Scotia or scuba dive in Thailand are the types of things that I can really get behind.

I like to learn while I travel and not just historical facts, I like to suck in new knowledge what ever it may be. I know a ton of little things but have mastered none of them, I just never have the time. Here I will share what I learn and tell you were you can have experiences too.

This blog is meant to inspire you to get off your but and go travel around. Do that crazy thing you have always wanted to do.  You probably don’t need as much money as you think. You wont regret running off an living your dreams.

This blog is also dedicated to my Mom Diane Myers, my Dad Jack Myers, and my Son Michael Reuwsaat go out and play, anything is possible.