Building a Cedar Strip Kayak

When you see a cedar strip kayak or canoe you can’t help but admire how beautiful they are. The construction put simply is just stacking one strip next to the other until you have built something that can be epoxied and fiber glassed.

Many boat builders have dreams of making a strip build kayak or canoe but the amount of time and shop space they can take up can be a major deterrent to the build.

I am building a Laughing Loon Baidarka Kayak. A Baidarka Kayak is usually skin over frame in this case I am cedar stripping the entire kayak.

This is the point I am at right now:20161113_103126

So far this project has taken me 62 Hours and about 20 mins.

It has cost $3,007.96 this includes the purchase of all the tools, and assumes that you don’t have any tools to start with.  I had very limited number of tools.  The lumber cost me approximately $500 and you need to have clear cedar to build your strips.


The tools have been the largest cost. This includes things like a table saw, power tools and hand planes. This number could be less or much more depending on the quality of tools or sales that you are able to find.


If your tools are all in place and you are building the kayak without the experience of outfitting a shop you will probably be spending right around $705 to $1000 for lumber and fiberglass.  I am keeping close track on the hours and expenses because I am planning to sell this kayak and build a canoe for someone soon. I would like to see exactly what the cost are so I know what I am getting paid hourly.


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