Moving more then 100 things

“Your life is anything but simple.”

When I was living and working in Denver someone, I can’t recall who, called me out on a hat. Check out the picture of the hat, I bought it from Patagonia because of wanting to look cool reasons. He or she said “Your life is anything but simple.” I used to believe that simplicity was the way to go but my actions did not match my belief.  In David Bruno’s TED Talk he articulated something I have been feeling.

Now It’s time to move again.  I always have  a mix of dread and excitement. I don’t enjoy caring my stuff back and forth, or searching for boxes. I don’t like being reminded of how little I use things that I think I should be making time for. My stuff and actions are out of tune with each other. As evidence I had two new thoughts that accrued to me “I have enough board games to play a new one every day for 56 days, and I probably play the same 4 over and over.” Also ” I have enough canvases to paint a new picture every day for the next 3 months, and I only painted one picture this last year.” This applies to almost all my hobbies. I could go on addressing other things but that is a waste of time.

Surrounded by junk and inspired by my light weight travels in the last year I am adopting some rules from The 100 Thing Challenge: How I Got Rid of Almost Everything, Remade My Life, and Regained My Soul. I agree with the writer David Bruno about a number of points and look forward to freeing up a little bit of head space for life.

My first step is going to be an inventory. I am scared of this, scared of what I will find and the amount of work.

Steps for my inventory

Write it down in a doc if I plan to keep it.

If it is a maybe put a sticker on it and put it aside.

If is is a sell put a sticker on it with a price. This step will help me get motivated to figure out how to work better with E bay.

If it is a donation item put it in to a donate box.

Group Items such as Oil paints in to sets.

Limit the keep it category.

Leo Babauta suggests these rules in his blog

Things not included:

  • Stuff that’s shared between him and other family members.
  • Non-personal stuff, like dishes, cleaning supplies, etc.
  • Books.
  • Tools.
  • Collections count as one item.

I am going to have to come up with some rules of my own because almost everything I own fits in to collection, book, or tool.  After I come up with my own limits I will blog about this project again. I plan for this to take 1 month to complete, so it will probably take 3. hopefully I will soon be saying good bye to this mess. I don’t know that I can get to the 100 things, but I am going to shoot for less, a lot less.


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